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How do I become a partner?

If you have found value in the Wealth Profile test, Wealth Spectrum test or any of our products, join us as a partner. There are two ways to become a partner:

  • Become a Reseller and buy in bulk

    Become a Reseller and buy in bulk

    We have over 1,000 resellers who have joined our reseller programme to buy our Wealth Dynamics Profile Test and Wealth Dynamics Spectrum Test at wholesale prices, with up to 70% discount.

    Many of our resellers are coaches, trainers, speakers and consultants who package our tests into their own products and services.

    When you buy in bulk, we send you the tokens, and then you are free to distribute them directly to your clients, and either charge them for the service or package the test with your own products.

    Joining our reseller programme is free. Simply click here

  • Join our Affiliate Network, Orion United

    Join our Affiliate Network, Orion United

    We have over 2,000 affiliates signed up to Orion United. As a member of Orion United, you are able to market and sell all Wealth Dynamics products (including our tests) while also building your own Dream Team if you choose.

    As soon as you join, you receive your own personalized site and unique identifier to track all your sales. You can earn by setting up your own online marketing, use ours, or invite your network to Wealth Dynamics events.

    Joining Orion United is free. Simply go to:

If you have any other partnership opportunities you would like to discuss, please email