Frequently Asked Questions

You will note that – like all tests – the accuracy of the test is determined by the accuracy of your answers to the questions. What you’ll notice when you do the test, is that it’s difficult to get the answers wrong, as they are multiple choice questions which are not based on your ‘opinion’ of where you are, but the actual facts of where you are.

As a result, the Wealth Spectrum test is very accurate and since we have been trialing the test for the last 12 months at our Wealth Dynamics events, we have found the test has an accuracy of over 95% when verified through face-to-face interview of each test-takers personal situation.

A ‘Token’ grants access to your Wealth Dynamics Spectrum Test. We use the same system for our Wealth Dynamics Profile Test.

If you haven’t bought the test yet click here and your token will be emailed to you.

If you have already purchased your Spectrum Test Token or have been given one ... click here to enter it and begin..

These tokens can be easily gifted to friends, family, and colleagues, allowing teams of people to discover their Wealth Dynamics Profile using the tokens you ‘Buy Now’

PLUS: If for any reason you get interrupted during the test, your token will take you right back to where you left off. It will also display your final results anytime in the future after your test is complete.

Someone on a fast track can move up a Spectrum Level between two and three months. At a slower pace it may take six to twelve months (and if you are not aware of the Wealth Spectrum, you could easily stay in the same level for years). We recommend retaking the test when you believe you have moved up a level, to check if you have. That may mean every six or twelve months based on your pace.

If you still have your original “test token” (a string of letters/numbers from 6 to 8 characters long), click on the big Take the Test now! button. Enter your token and it will take you to the results.

Click on the big Take the Test now! button. Enter your token and it will take you back into your test right where you left off. Just keep going

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